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Reek of STOOM is a UK-based Music Journalist, Broadcaster, reviewer and album curator for Doomed and Stoned and Stoner HiVe, as well as being a contributor to the monthly Doom Charts. His personal hobbies include preaching Doom, Trepanning, Poker, Intoxicants & Poisons and spider snuff


Feb 02 2021

Bellicose Belfast Doomsters ELDER DRUID have just announced a new deal and fothcoming album with prominent Polish underground label INTERSTELLAR SMOKE RECORDS. The long-awaited follow-up to last year's "Golgotha" is scheduled in the next couple of months.

This week's peek through the net curtains of the Netherworld reveals torrid forms from BLACK SHEEP WALL, BLASTING ROD, KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD, PALE KEEPER and a killer concluder from KRÅKSLOTT!

(00.00.25) ANIME TORMENT (CZ) - Midnight Ritual
(00.04.46) DELUZIVER (US) - Deep End
(00.11.48) THE BLOOD SPHINX (US) - You Run For Infinity
(00.14.41) ASTRAAL (FR) - The Last Rays Of The Sun
(00.21.27) MESSIAHVORE (US) - Cult Worship
(00.25.13) BLACK SHEEP WALL (US) - Human Shaped Hole
(00.27.32) SWAMP THING (ES) - Fiodor (The Neighbourhood Rooster)
(00.32.20) BLASTING ROD (JP) - Weedgrown Rocks (Space Rainbows in 7256 AD)
(00.43.34) ROB ZOMBIE (US) - The Eternal Struggles of The Howling Man
(00.47.16) MAGICAL SPACE WIZARD (DE) - I Am Not Controlled by Exoplanar Fungi
(00.52.28) A SPARK IN THE V(*)ID (DE) - The Journey II: Wandering/Running
(00.57.16) ELEPHANT9 (NO) - Rite of Ascension
(01.04.21) GRALE (CA) - Terror Control
(01.09.40) SPIDERWORKS (US) - Invisible Chains
(01.13.53) DOMESTIC TERROR (US) - Seraphim Ablaze
(01.17.03) BALÄTE (ES) - Road to Loma Cabrera
(01.21.28) SISTER WIVES (UK) - Crags
(01.27.30) PALE KEEPER (RU) - Emerald Grave
(01.35.09) LAZER BEAM (US) - Sink or Swim
(01.38.20) FRIENDZONE (GR) - Professional Woman
(01.44.00) CORAL BENDERS (US) - 12 Days of Fishmas
(01.46.40) KRÅKSLOTT (SE) - The Witchhammer




STARIFIED - "Fat Hits"
Released: 15th January 2021
Label: Ripple
Genre: Stoner/Doom
Origin: Russia

I stumbled across this excellent Russian trio a little over two years ago; their previous album "Feathers" being one that I reviewed over at Stoner HiVe.I predicted big things for them back then, and with the new arrival of "Fat Hits" and their signing to prodigious Californian label Ripple, They have completely surpassed all my expectations. Right from the off, "Scapegoat" prowls with the menace of a Doom riff, swaggering and  brooding - the trademark licks and hooks are all there, but beefier and more prominent. Then comes the first single release, "Don Loco", a story of descent into madness replete with Vadim's powerful vocal delivery captures STARIFIED's sound implicitly: Heavy, groovy and catchy.
Every song on the album has a diverse energy all of it's own: "Anti-Rebel"s punk chugging breaking down into an Indie-Metal groove, "Wider Lane"s Melodic Metal flesh through to the Post-Hardcore doomings of "Noah" Every track delivered and executed with a new vigour and attitude that oozes pure Class! A highlight of 2021 already!

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